The Video

"Mac & Paul" was made in support of Paul Rudd and his amazing contribution with Big Slick KC to support Childhood Cancer research at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.


This video was created as an homage to the 30-second clip from the movie, "Mac & Me" that Paul Rudd has brought with him every time he has appeared on "Conan." For those of you unfamiliar with this reoccurring prank Paul Rudd has done on Conan,
here is a montage of it over the years. 


The Cast & Crew


Reese plays Ant-Man riding his trusty ant, Ant-onio Banderas. He is a childhood cancer survivor since before he was one year old, resulting in him being in a wheelchair. The ant wheelchair costume was designed and created by Reese and his father in their company, Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes.


Brooke plays Captain Marvel. Brooke is also a childhood cancer survivor and was so excited about joining the project. Even though her role was brief, we shot many additional scenes with the hope of doing a “director’s cut” of the clip extending the scene having Captain Marvel fly down and save Ant-Man from the waters below. Thank you to Braden's Hope for helping to coordinate Brooke's inclusion in the video shoot. 

Walkin' & Rollin' Costumes

Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes - The masterminds behind this entire fun project. Lon Davis, the owner, thought this crazy idea up and asked 29 Pixel Studios if it could be done. Lon's son is the stud in the Ant-Man wheelchair cosplay!

29 Pixel Studios

29 Pixel Studios - Kansas City video production company. Nick Schale, the owner, worked on pre-production, filmed, edited, sound, graded.

Buster Props

Buster Props - Kansas City based prop shop consisting of two artists, Ryan Couture (Born and raised in KC!) and Jonathan Czerwinski. Buster Props created the alien mask, assisted on the shoot, and loved being a part of such a creative and unique production!

Kyle Hamrick

A post-production specialist based in Kansas City, Kyle handled visual effects/cleanup for the hero's mask reveal and shrinking effect.

Andrew Cornwell

In the spirit of satire, we thought it would be funny to have the COMPLETE opposite of the alien Mac, a small frail pasty alien. Andrew in from Lawrence, Kansas and currently works for 29 Pixel Studios as a film editor.

Spencer Bowers

29 Pixel Studio’s graphic designer, the talented Spencer Bowers, created a mockup of the VHS cover which will be released in Peru 2021.


Behind the Scenes

While shooting this clip, it was about 90 degrees in September, in the shade. We were doing our best to stay cool and keep this entire production under wraps, . . . literally. We couldn't tell anyone we were working on it, and I think this was hardest for our two stars who wanted to tell all of their friends. It was so fun working with everyone. 

Brooke and Reese are ready to start shooting. 

Our stunt double and stunt team. 

Filming in harsh heat is always brutal. Anything to keep the shade on our crew and stars during filming.

Andrew didn't realize that he wouldn't be able to see anything while wearing the Mac mask. He was completely blind in it. No need for his glasses.

While practicing the scene, Andrew quickly realized he was NOT quite up to his
Matrix-like stunt quality. But he would get there. 

In an unused, extended scene, Brooke (Captain Marvel) would fly down to the water and rescue Ant-Man. Here is the scene we shot with Brooke "flying" with her green screen, and a leaf blower above causing her hair to blow in the wind.
A video of this can be seen below. 

Brooke and Lon pose for a selfie between shots. 

Some behind the scenes videos of trying to film a runaway ant that is racing down a hill.

Brooke's unused "flying" scene with the green screen and leaf blower. She takes direction from the director like a champ!

Fun with a Go Pro camera attached to the Ant-onio Banderas costume. 



Reese and Paul met at Big Slick supporting childhood cancer for Children's Mercy Hospital when Reese threw out the first pitch at a Royal's baseball game to Paul and they have reconnected each year at the same event. This video was a thank you to Paul for all of his support and continued friendship.

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